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Webinar: Four steps to improve the quality of your education with blended learning.

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Flipped classroom

A new way of learning: Reverse the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content online, outside off the classroom. This will ensure that your classes will be able to focus on higher learning skills.



Aid your students: Easygenerator can facilitate teachers with the means to help out students with learning disabilities by giving the access to information prior to lessons. For example: Pre-teaching of vocabulary facilitates the reading of new text by giving students the meaning of a word before they encounter them in class. This practice reduces the number of unfamiliar words and facilitates greater comprehension

Pre teaching


Collaboration and review


Save time: You no longer need to spend hours creating assessments. With easygenerator you can create assessments in only one click. Add your terms and rules and you are ready to go!

Co-authoring: Work together with your colleagues by sharing courses and assisting each other during the development, implementation and completion. 



Automated assessments


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